My motto informs everything that will appear on this blog:  When I die, I don’t want people to say I was nice. I want them to say that I stood up and spoke out. That I was enraged by injustice. That my rage moved me to act. This blog is about all the things that enrage me.

The Left Side of Feminism came about due to frustration…pure, unadulterated frustration.  As I became more active on Facebook, I began to follow several liberal feminist pages.  My rage grew stronger and stronger as I saw one after another mindlessly prop up the Democratic Party–a party that doesn’t give a damn about them until the elections roll around.  I would be hounded out or just banned for asking why people didn’t have the strength to try to make real changes.  I would be driven up a wall by the mindless parroting of militaristic claptrap or ignorant support of the “fun” of prostitution.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.

So, I decided to take positive steps to keep from losing my mind.  I created my own page.  The page is meant to be a critique of both capitalism and patriarchy from a more radical perspective.  While I do not hold to any single political theory, I owe much of my political conviction to Marxism, anarcho-communism, and radical feminism.  I may have some problems with each of these philosophies, but I see more right than wrong with all of them.  Those beliefs are behind The Left Side of Feminism.

When I started the page, it was just a few friends.  In two months, it had grown to include more than 500 readers…and it continues to grow.

Oh, and remember:  liberal is not Left.

3 responses to “About

  1. (no need to keep the comment up as it is of little consequence, but I had to say: Dear blogger, thank you for bringing a breath of fresh, angered air to the poseys and puppies of bipartisan feminism. This blog/page is what I had been looking for. Thanks, and keep your speaking up.)

      • Thank you. As of today, I officially come from a country that thinks that a girl with a book is dangerous enough to deserve being charged by armed police. That country is in Europe, not in Asia. That country, alas, is Italy.

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